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If you are looking for reliable roofing options for your commercial property, modified bitumen systems offer a broad range of benefits. Similar to a built-up roofing system, this option blends asphalt and several other solvents to prevent leaks and help keep water off of the flatter roof structures that are common to commercial buildings. At Elite Roofing, our team of Louisville modified bitumen installation specialists will take the time to understand what each individual property needs and offer customized service. We offer years of experience and a commitment to quality workmanship that is second to none.

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What Is Modified Bitumen?

This roofing system got its start in the mid-1960s in Europe then made its way to North America around a decade later, and it has been a staple in commercial roofing projects ever since. This modern approach to built-up roofing offers the same dependability and protection, differentiated by the use of asphalt as its main material, rather than recycled rubber. One of the benefits of modified bitumen is the diverse range of installation methods available to contractors. From “cold-process” adhesives and “hot-mopping” to the torch-application method, to the more recent self-adhering sheet, the many options offer greater freedom to tailor the process to the property’s unique needs.

Other Benefits Of Choosing Modified Bitumen, Include:

  • Incredible durability: This roofing system is known first and foremost for being extremely tear-resistant because it is reinforced with layers of materials like polyester or fiberglass. For low-slope or flat roofs that are expecting high foot traffic, this is an ideal choice.

  • Flexibility: Not only is this material resistant to impact and tearing, it is also designed to maintain its shape even during temperature shifts that cause it to expand or contract.

  • Energy-efficiency: Property owners have the option of including treatments that reflect sunlight away from the property, or more easily release heat. Both of these can help regulate the internal temperature and ease the strain on the property’s HVAC system, saving you money on monthly utility bills and improving longevity.

  • Waterproof: Several layers of this waterproof material on a roof that is properly installed will make for one of the most reliably and durably waterproof commercial roofing systems available.

  • Low-maintenance and easy to repair: In the event that the roof does experience tearing or damage, repairs are quick and easy with bitumen patches. Routine maintenance from a professional can ensure that any small problems are addressed early to extend the life of the roof.

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If you have a roof that is low-sloping or completely flat, our Louisville modified bitumen installation services may be right for you. The dependability is unmatched by just about every other material, and a correctly-installed system can last for over 15 years – even longer with proper maintenance.

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